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DR James E H Smith at 11/22-26 Fisher Road in Dee Why, NSW

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11/22-26 Fisher Road,
Dee Why, NSW
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Phone: +61 2 9971 9456

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    I attended Dr James Smith's rooms several years ago complaining of issues with my vision: difficultly with eye movements, adjusting focus from near to far and irritation, particularly in my left eye. Following basic tests I was referred to have a CT scan at a radiologist in Frenchs Forest. I was told the films and report would be sent directly to Dr James. Upon follow-up, he felt the results indicated there was nothing wrong, however, at no time did we look over the films or discuss anything unusual shown on the imagery that might suggest further investigation. Later I questioned the radiology clinic and they insisted they gave the films to me to take to my next appointment. I pointed out that the receptionist had been very short and abrupt, insisting the films would be sent to the Doctor, therefore I didn't require either films or a DVD. I believe the radiologist reviewed them, sent a one paragraph report to Dr James and he didn't even receive or review the imagery. Upon requesting the imagery on DVD some time later when I made a complaint to the radiology company, they apologised profusely that films and a DVD had not been made available to me. When I received the DVD, I gave it to my surgeon who indicated there was swelling in the lacrimal gland. Had that minor swelling been found by Dr James, which was his job to do so, it might not have grown in to the 24mm malignant tumour over the ensuing years. I underwent invasive surgery, proton radiation and chemotherapy. Had the tumour been found when very small, a much smaller operation would have been required and clean margins obtained. As it was, clean margins could not be achieved, hence extensive radiation at the maximum dose was required. The practice of the radiology clinic to avoid printing films and / or a DVD and agreement between them and Dr Smith to simply rely on the radiologist's report, were the downfall in my diagnosis. Because the radiologist saw the swelling but chose to ignore it and subsequently not pass on her findings, in conjunction with Dr Smith not even bothering to request or look at the imagery, meant all further requests to subsequent doctors and specialists were referred back to that one supposedly 'clean' CT scan. It took two years of persistent doctors visits, my own research and demanding another CT scan before the tumour was found. Ultimately I diagnosed my own rare cancer thanks to Google! Dr Smith's rooms are small, grubby, over-crowded and always double-booked. His practice smacks of an elderly doctor paving his way to retirement and doing and utterly poor job in the process. Save your money, time and effort by seeing a proficient ophthalmologist who actually cares about patients and doing a good job.
    B MS
    June 13, 2017
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